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Australia has a mandatory Child Restraint Standard (AS/NZS 1754). Child Restraints designed to meet FMVSS 213 and ECE R44 can be converted to meet this standard.

We have been converting FMVSS 213 and R44 child restraints for 20 years including product from USA manufacturers such as Century and BabyTrend, and European and Chinese manufacturers.

We cover all aspects of this work, including:


R & D   Evaluate the dynamic (crash) performance of the restraint in order to establish if any modifications are required. As AS/NZS 1754 requires a higher performance level in some areas than FMVSS 213 or R44, modifications may be required.  
Modifications   Full CAD service to provide engineering drawings for new parts as required.


Compliance & materials Testing   Supervise compliance testing programs run at RTA Crashlab, Sydney, and arrange all materials testing (flammability, toxicity, labels durability, sharp edges & projections, etc).  
Printing   Full development of printed material including instruction manuals, labels, carton mandatory information, swing tags, etc.

NOTE: All new child restraints on the Australian market are subject to an annual consumer review which is widely published and used by many customers as a buyers guide. This review includes assessment of the ease of understanding of instructions and labels etc.. A high standard of consumer information is required to be competitive in this market.

QA   All child restraints sold in the Australian market must be manufactured in a factory under a Quality Assurance system specified by the QA auditing body SAL Global. This is approximately equal to ISO 9001 but contains some child restraint specific requirements.

We work with SAI to progress manufacturer's QA systems to approval.

Project Management   We manage the complete project from start to finish.


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